NACC invites Thais to assess national transparency in the 2020 ITA assessment

1 ก.ค. 63 |

The ITA is a tool developed by the integration of Thai and South Korean governmental body assessments, first conceived in 2014. It is designed to be a creative force in improving the Thai bureaucratic system, rather than being a fault finding machine.

Aiming to put forward the current status and issues of morality and transparency in government agencies’ operations, the ITA serves as an annual examination that helps to improve the organisations’ performance in the next fiscal year and enables them to provide more efficient services to the general public. 

Developed by the NACC from various operating standards, the ITA not only prevents corruption but is also a tool for driving government policies, national strategies, relevant law implementation, and good governance. Therefore, this appraisal is considered the most holistic and comprehensive tool in regard to governance management extending to the most government agencies. With participation from both the public and government officials, the ITA will overall benefit the three main parties of society, the people, government officials, and the country.

On this occasion, the NACC would like to invite all Thai people and fellow civil servants to altogether strengthen morality and transparency of Thai government agencies by answering online surveys via or ITAS mobile application. All answers will remain confidential.

The assessment period is from 1 June - 31 July 2020. Collected data will help reflect the transparency of the Thai government and improve each department’s operations for the benefit of the Thai people.

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