The NACC welcomes Thai people and foreigners to help improve public systems.

25 ม.ค. 64 |

Following international practice, the NACC has formulated the ITA in the hope of creating a safeguard against corruption in government agencies as a whole, rather than having to deal with corruption on an individual/smaller scale. This resembles, in a sense, a mandatory annual health check-up for government agencies, demonstrating the NACC’s objective of unravelling the operational issues within each organisation, to more easily enable governance, in accordance with Thailand Digital Government Vision 2021, which will enhance the newly evaluated agencies’ capacity for operating and servicing. That is to say, ITA is not just an assessment, but an instrument by which each agency can strengthen its own operational integrity, better display transparency, and more efficiently serve the public. Without the corruption-breeding loopholes engendering inefficiency and unfairness of Thai public administration and narrowing of Thai public services, the country would stand a better chance of dodging corruption damage. Read more: